Mother's Day  Mexican Recipes

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Your mom will welcome a slice of this moist and buttery Panqué de Nuez any time of the day. Drizzled with Mexican caramel and chopped pecans, one loaf disappears fast!

Panqué de Nuez

Mexican French toast is  a sweet treat made with old bread and a fluffy egg mixture, these little pieces of heaven make a filling Mother's day meal.


Molletes are a classic Mexican Mother's Day breakfast or lunch. They are an open-faced sandwich topped with refried beans, melted cheese, and pico de gallo. So easy to make.

Mexican Molletes

Eggs with Ham is a quick breakfast idea, perfect for when you're thinking of preparing something easy and delicious for Mother's Day.

Huevos con Jamón

This is a yummy and traditional Mexican recipe made of fried tortillas tossed in a savory tomatillo sauce. Add a runny egg and more toppings.

Chilaquiles Verdes

Once you have added your meat on these delicious sopes, top them off with lettuce (or shredded cabbage), tomatoes, cheese, and your favorite salsa. Time to DIG IN!

Mexican Sopes

This is a sweet, slightly tart, and refreshing Mexican drink. This cold and crisp hibiscus tea is sure to hit the spot.

Agua de Jamaica

Get ready for a taste of Mexico with this easy delicious drink. Made from rice, cinnamon and sugar. You gotta give this a try!

Agua de Horchata

These tasty tostadas are a great way to use up leftovers. Mexican food that’s easy-to-make and delicious to taste in this special day.

Tostadas de Pollo

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