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Pepitas are pumpkin seeds that come from a special variety. Actually come from very specific species of hull-less varieties of pumpkins, referred to as Oil Seed or Styrian pumpkins.

What are pepitas?

The general rule is that while you can always substitute pepitas for regular pumpkin seeds, it’s best not to. It’s both a texture thing and a flavor thing. A better substitute would be pine nuts.


While they may be tiny, they are chock-full of an amazing variety of powerful nutrients. They are a great way to boost your daily nutritional intake, and they just happen to taste great.

Nutritional Goodness

Pipian Verde is one such deliciously creamy yet dairy-free sauce that makes chicken, shrimp or pork into a heavenly dish. Pipian Verde is often referred to as “Green Mole.”

Recipes with Pepitas

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