Tostadas de Pollo


Chicken breasts Water Salt Onion Garlic Tostadas Your favorite Toppings


Cook it in a large pot with water, onions, garlic, and salt.

Cook the Chicken breasts


With two forks, shred the cooked chicken. You can refrigerate the shredded chicken until ready to use.

Shred the Chicken


For this recipe, you will need tostadas. I suggest buying them, or, you can make them at home with corn tortillas.

Tostadas, YUM!


However, it can be tough to fit everything on top of the tostada. Use your best judgment when assembling.

Prepare your toppings


Add the chicken on top of the tostada shell. Usually, I would add refried beans to help act as the glue between the toppings and the tostada.

First, the shredded chicken


Add the rest of the desired toppings to your Tostadas de Pollo. Don’t forget to add plenty of salsa and enjoy!

Add the rest of toppings

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