Sopa de Conchas


Tomatoes Onion Garlic Water Olive oil Package of conchas pasta Chicken bouillon cube


Chop up the tomatoes before tossing them into the blender.

Chop the veggies


Add the tomatoes, onion and garlic into the blender.

Add the chopped veggies


Add water before blending.

Add water


Blend everything until it's smooth. Keep it aside until you're ready to use it. If you want, just skip this step and go ahead and use a can of tomato sauce.

Blend until smooth


Warm up the oil in a big stock pot. Now, it's time to "toast" our pasta..Be generous with the oil.

Heat the oil


When the oil is hot and ready, add in the conchas. Grab your spatula and begin stirring. Here's the deal: you don't want it to burn. If it does, you'll have to start again.

Add the conchas pasta


Keep an eye out for when the pasta begins to toast and is on the verge of burning. That's when you need to add the rest of the ingredients.

Brown the pasta


Now, it's time for the tomato mixture. Pour it all in. I prefer to leave one cup of water to rinse out all the tomato sauce from the blender.

Add the tomato pasta


Chicken bouillon is a staple in our Mexican cuisine. You can skip it, and as I said, go for chicken broth instead.

Add chicken bouillon


Finally, cover the pot for 20 minutes. Take a peek around 18 minutes. Just ensure the pasta is soft and thoroughly cooked.

Cover the pot


Serve your Sopa de Conchas in a large bowl. This dish can be served with corn tortillas as an accompaniment.

Serve and enjoy!

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