Pan de Muerto


Warm water Dry yeast Sugar All purpose flour Salt Whole eggs Egg yolks Butter Warm milk Orange zest Water

Take out the butter and eggs


Start by taking out the eggs and butter. This will take the longest. Room temperature eggs are best for this recipe.

Make the yeast mixture


Add yeast and sugar to warm water. Let this rise. The yeast mixture was transferred to a bowl to rise. A measuring cup was used to show you measurements.

Sift the flour


To a KitchenAid, add sugar. Place a strainer over the bowl and sift the flour and salt.

Add the yeast mixture


Create a small well in the center, and add the yeast mixture. Mix on low to combine.

Make the dough


Add the eggs and egg yolks one at a time. Then, add the butter slowly until full mixed. Lastly, add orange zest and milk

Knead the dough


Using the dough hook attachment, knead the dough. It will look wet, but do NOT add more flour, or the bread will be tough.

Place in a bowl and cover


Place the dough in a greased, large bowl and cover. Let it rest in a warm place until the dough rises.

Form round loafs


Cut the dough into three equal parts, and separate one of them. Create a round loaf with each. That is, you are making two balls using the other two dough parts.

Make the bones


Using your fingers, eyeball 5 parts on the last piece of unrolled dough. Cut 5 pieces. Take one of the 4 smaller pieces of dough. Using your middle fingers, roll out the bones.

Make a ball


Take the last piece of dough and cut into half, then, form a circle with the seam side down.

Make a ball


Using a brush, add water crisscross on the bread dough. Add one of the bones, add the other across to form an X,  place more water to the center and add a small ball.

Bake and let cool


Place on a baking sheet. Bake in a 350 degrees F oven, and let cool slightly.

Melt butter and add sugar


While the bread is cooling, melt butter. Brush melted butter all over the top of the bread and sprinkle white sugar on the top while using a bowl underneath to catch any excess sugar.



Pan de Muerto (or Day of the Dead Bread) is so soft and so yummy! Serve with cafe de olla, champurrado or atole de chocolate.

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