Mulitas de Asada


Chopped Beef Tortillas Cheese Jalapeño Onion Pepper Cumin Oregano Paprika Garlic Powder Olive oil Salt

Season the meat


Season the meat with the spices and mix well. It makes it easier if the meat is chopped before cooking.

Let it cook 


Cook the seasoned meat in a large skillet, add the onion and jalapeño. Stir occasionally, the meat is ready when the liquid is absorbed, and it has a crispy texture.



Heat a well-oiled griddle and put a corn tortilla, then add shredded cheese, meat, and more cheese. Finally, top with a second tortilla,

Let it melt!


Cook for 2 minutes and flip. After you flip, open it up slightly, they are ready when the cheese is fully melted.

It's ready to serve!


You’re going to love every bite of these Mulitas de Asada. They’re loaded with flavor and yummy cheesiness that’s totally irresistible.

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