Mexican Sweet Bread

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Pan dulce translated means “sweet bread.” There are many different kinds of bread, and generally, they are not overly sweet like the American desserts.

What is Pan Dulce?

The variety is impressive – soft, dense, salty, crumbly, etc. In fact, there are well over a thousand types of Mexican sweet breads.

Popular types of bread

These are most likely the most popular type of pan dulce. They are easily identified by their shell-shaped sugar topping, which gives rise to their name.


These are Mexican biscuits. They are buttery, slightly dense, and not very sweet. Slice them in half and top with butter, jelly, or Nutella.


Orejas, or translated “ears.” In the US, you might hear them referred to as Palmiers or Elephant Ears. They are buttery, crispy, and flaky. Made with puff pastry and easy to enjoy.


These are also called “puerquitos.” Both words translated mean “little piggies.” Made with a variety of spices like cinnamon and cloves, they are a childhood favorite.


These are very similar to mini cheesecakes. They are usually made of cream cheese or requeson (a type of cheese similar to ricotta). The crust is buttery and the inside is creamy and so yummy!

Cubiletes de queso

These are Mexico’s version of sugar cookies. Here you see it in pink, but you might also find them in different colors, topped with chocolate chips, even a smiley face. Crumbly and delicious!


Empanadas are yummy hand pies. A soft dough is made then stuffed with a yummy filling – vanilla cream, pineapple, apples, and more. In Mexico, you’ll mainly find sweet fillings.


Over the years, Mexican sweet breads have changed into unique creations, shapes, and names. Learn More about them here.                    👇👇👇👇👇

More kinds of bread

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