Mexican Salsa Recipes

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Before blenders, there were molcajetes (or Mexican mortar and pestles). Tomato Molcajete Salsa makes a delicious and packed with flavor topping on all your favorite Mexican dishes.

Molcajete Salsa Roja

This spicy salsa is the perfect addition to taquitos, sopes, and more. Add just a bit of this salsa to your food. Who knew such a tiny chile could be so powerful!

Chile de Árbol Salsa

Want a Mexican salsa that will blow your mind? This Drunk Salsa is it! Try it with carne asada tacos or grilled meats.

Salsa Borracha

If you like a good and hot Mexican salsa, you’re going to love this recipe. It is yummy and flavorful as an appetizer, or you can use it as the star ingredient.

Chipotle Salsa

Here is an easy Mexican salsa to make at home. This salsa only takes a few ingredients, and you get a robust and tasty appetizer that’s full of amazing flavors.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

In my blog you will find these and more authentic Mexican salsa recipes that you can make.  They are spicy and full of flavors.                    👇👇👇👇👇

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