Mexican Evaporated Milk Recipes

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It  is milk that has been reduced down and has a longer shelf life. It was invented by chefs who wanted to extend the life of milk during Transatlantic trips.

What is Evaporated Milk?

Add milk to a medium-sized stock pot.  Cook for 25 minutes. Stir to keep it from boiling.

How to make it?

Mexican Evaporated Milk recipes are not all desserts. They range from sweet to savory. There’s a sweetness and creaminess in this simple pantry staple that just can’t be beat.

Recipe Ideas

Of all the Mexican Evaporated Milk Recipe, this one goes straight to the top. This recipe is a sweet, moist, sheet cake.

Pastel de Tres Leches

This recipe never fails to impress. Rich, creamy, and decadent. That caramel sauce will make you swoon.

Flan Napolitano

This is a YUMMY dish made of juicy shrimp in a creamy chipotle sauce. It’ll make you want to lick your plate clean!

Camarones en Crema Chipotle

In my blog you will find these and more recipes that you can prepare with evaporated milk. They are delicious and easy to make.                    👇👇👇👇👇

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