Mexican Drinks for the Winter Months

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Guava Atole is a comforting, rich, and sweet drink that’s great for the holidays. Just add some traditional cookies y ¡Provecho!

Atole de Guayaba

This is a creamy Mexican oatmeal drink. It’s similar to the thicker and more well known version known as avena. Both are equally delicious and satisfying.

Atole de Avena

Mexican Christmas Punch is a festive drink that is guaranteed to liven the mood of any Holiday party.  Sweet, fruity, and oh so satisfying.

Ponche Navideño

Chocolate Atole is a warm and rich Mexican drink. A satisfying and yummy wintertime staple perfect for chilly nights.

Atole de Chocolate

This hot beverage is decadent and delicious. It tastes just like a gourmet-coffee shop drink (if not better!) but with a Mexican twist.

Pumpkin Champurrado

It’s not Christmas until there is a tamal in one hand and a cup of champurrado in the other. This is a thick, warm Mexican chocolate drink usually made during the winter months and Holiday season.


Atole de Mazapan is a yummy drink made with a popular Mexican peanut candy. Serve it with a pan dulce or tamales for total enjoyment.

Atole de Mazapan

This is a traditional Mexican coffee drink made with whole cinnamon and  piloncillo. It is a yummy way to start any morning. Perfect for Sunday  brunch!

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