Mexican Christmas Foods

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Every Mexican Christmas Foods lover knows that tamales are a must during the Holidays. These Beef Tamales are a favorite. Delicious, tasty, and mouthwatering good.

Beef Tamales

You need not fret because these Mexican fritters are a good bet.  Christmastime is Mexican Fritter time. This traditional Mexican dessert is a family favorite during the Holidays.


From savory to sweet, tamales are a must during the Holidays.  These Sweet Tamales are made of fruits and nuts. A sweet treat that will be loved by all.

Tamales Dulces

Christmas makes me think of this thick Mexican chocolate drink. This delicious hot beverage will warm your heart and soul during the winter months and all throughout the Holiday season.


This sweet, creamy and delicious Mexican dessert is another must-have for your Christmas meal. It’s a treat to adore and will have your guests say,  “Mas por favor!”

Arroz con Leche

In my blog, you will find these and more authentic Mexican recipes for your holiday's celebration. They are delicious and easy to make.                    👇👇👇👇👇

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