Huevo en Salsa


Mangoes Sugar Water Ice

Tomatoes Onion Garlic cloves Guajillo chiles Oregano (ground or whole) Salt (for the salsa) Water Oil Eggs

Make the Guajillo sauce


Begin by boiling the onion, tomato, and garlic. Add the dried guajillo chiles to the pot. Turn heat off and leave everything in the hot water. Discard the liquid. Then, blend the sauce ingredients until smooth.

Let cook the sauce


Heat the oil in the same stock pot used to boil the ingredients. Strain the sauce into the pot and let cook.

Beat and cook the eggs


Beat the eggs. Heat the oil in a large skillet and add the eggs. Leave the eggs in the pan until it looks similar to an omelet. Then, mix gently.

Add the cooked sauce


Break up the eggs as they cook. Add the sauce and mix well. The eggs will continue cooking with the sauce.

Serve and enjoy!


You can serve with Frijoles de la Olla, Ensalada de nopales and Cafe de Olla. If you want a spicy side, you can add Pickled Jalapeños.

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