How to make masa for Tamales


Lard (or shortening) Masa harina (for tamales) Salt Baking powder Hot water (or chicken broth)

Whip the shortening


Start by whipping the vegetable shortening. You can also use pork lard.

Mix the dry ingredients


Notice how there are no spices mentioned in the recipe. This is a basic recipe.

Mix the dry ingredients


Add some of the dry mixture to the whipped shortening, little by little, on low speed. Think cookie dough.

Add water


Add water (or chicken broth) and the masa harina mixture, little by little. Take turns adding the water and masa harina mixture until it forms a soft consistency.

Mix until it's ready


Take a dollop of masa and drop it in a cup of water. If the masa floats, it’s ready!! If it doesn’t float, beat it some more. There’s NO such thing as over-mixing here.

Hope you enjoy!


Invite friends to help. You’re going to LOVE this masa for tamales recipe. From my family to yours.

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