Teriyaki Salmon


Sesame oil Lemon juice Soy sauce Fresh ginger minced Garlic clove minced Salmon steaks Green onions

Make the marinade sauce


Put all the ingredients in a resealable bag to marinate.

You can get Ziploc bags for marinating the fish at just about any store, you can buy them online too (Affiliate).

Marinade Pouches

If you can't find Fresh ginger in your local stores, you can buy Organic Ground Ginger Root online (Affiliate).

Ground Ginger Root

Marinate and cook the fish


Marinate the fish and let rest in the fridge. Then remove the fish and reserve the liquid. Over low to medium heat, cook the fish and add the sauce. Remove from the heat and cover with foil.

Buen provecho!


Pour the sauce over the fish when plated. Serve with rice and steamed vegetables and enjoy!

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