Chicken Entomatadas


Tomatoes Jalapeño Onion Garlic Water Salt Ground cumin Oil Corn tortillas Shredded cooked chicken Queso Fresco Chopped Cilantro


Boil the sauce ingredients and discard the water. Add everything from the pot to a blender. Add salt and cumin and blend until smooth.

Make the sauce


If you don’t want to fry because of the smell or because you’re trying to watch your figure, try brushing some oil on the tortillas. Then warm them up on the griddle.

Fry the tortillas


Dip the fried tortillas in the sauce, without letting them rest so that they do not break.

Dip the tortilla in red sauce


Then fill them up with leftover chicken. I always make extras for just this reason. It’s great use of leftovers.

Fill the tortilla with chicken


Top with crumbled queso fresco, and a few slices of avocado. Hope you enjoy!

Serve with more sauce

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