Cotija Cheese

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Cotija is a cheese  that does not melt well when cooked. Prepared with unpasteurized milk from pasture-raised cows. Then aged for at least one year. It is cylinder in shape, and the outside color is creamy. There are two types – fresh and aged (or añejo).

What is it?

Both versions, fresh and añejo, are salty. The aged version is harder, similar to Parmesan. You might also see añejo enchilado which has been coated with paprika and/or chile powder for an extra kick.

A salty cheese

You can very well use parmesan, feta cheese, or romano. They are very similar, but the textures are slightly different. Sprinkle over salads, enchiladas, tacos, and any of your Mexican food favorites.


If you’ve never used Cotija cheese before, think it twice. It’s mostly used as the last ingredient to finish off a dish. It makes a perfect topping for tacos, enchiladas, and more!

Recipes with Cotija

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