Coctel de camarones


Cover the onion with lime


You want to get that raw onion taste out right away. This will start the pickling process.

Cook the shrimp and mix


Boil the shrimp in water, once they turn pink, discard the water. Let them cool completely. Mix with the tomato, cucumber, jalapeño, salt, and pepper.

Prepare the tomato sauce


To the onions, add tomato juice, ketchup, and hot sauce. Whisk to combine and add the mixture to the shrimp.

Add avocado and cilantro


The cilantro and avocado go in last. Fold the avocado in gently.

Super easy, right?


Serve with hot sauce such as Cholula, Valentina, Tapatio. Also serve with saltine crackers, tostadas, and lime. You’ll love every bite!

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