Chocolate Mexican Milk


Add the ingredients to the blender


To a blender, add the banana, Chocomil, milk, and raw egg.

I used a Nutribullet, and it’s very convenient. It comes with several cups like this for easy blending, you can buy it online (Affiliate)


Blend until smooth


Some restaurants make this Mexican chocolate drink in an old fashioned milkshake mixers. Since many of us don’t have one at home, a blender works fine too.

Here, we are using the traditional Chocomil powder mix. It can be hard to find, you can find it online though. (Affiliate)

Chocomilk Drink

You can also use Nesquik, or just about any chocolate milk powder of your liking. You also can find it online (Affiliate)

Nesquik Drink

Serve and enjoy!


The recipe is for 1 smoothie.  You and your kids are going to love Chocomil, it is a sweet drink that’s just the right treat.

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