Chilaquiles Verdes


Corn tortillas sliced into triangles Oil Salt Tomatillos Serrano peppers Garlic Onion Water Cilantro Eggs Queso fresco crumbled Onion slices Sour cream


Cut the corn tortillas into triangles and set them aside. Meanwhile, heat the oil.

Cut the Corn Tortillas


Watch them carefully while they are frying. Lay them down on a paper towel to drain and add salt.

Fry the tortilla triangles


To make this recipe for Chilaquiles Verdes go faster, make the salsa verde ahead of time.

Make salsa verde


Return the tortilla chips to the pan and add the tomatillo salsa verde. Turn to coat everything in the salsa.

Add the fried chips


Lastly, fry the eggs. Get the desired toppings ready – queso fresco, slices of onion, and sour cream.

Fry the eggs


I recommend serving right away. The fried tortillas mixed with the salsa verde get a little mushy.

Add the toppings and enjoy!

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