Carne Asada Fries


Skirt steak Lime juice Garlic Worcestershire sauce Soy sauce Orange juice Jalapeño Ground cumin Paprika Ground oregano Ground pepper Canola oil Cilantro


Mix all the marinade ingredients in a large bag or container, then add the meat and mix well to coat. Marinate the meat overnight.

Marinate the raw meat


Take the meat out of the fridge. Wait a few minutes before placing it on a hot grill. Putting cold meat on a grill will make the meat tough.

Cook the meat


Grill about 4 minutes on each side for medium rare. Remove meat from heat.

Turn over the meat


If you do not let your meat rest and cut into it, all the juices will come out.

Let the meat rest


After a few minutes, chop up the meat into small pieces. Small enough to fit on a fork.

Chop up the beef


Bake the frozen french fries according to the package. Or, you can make them from scratch too.

Bake the frozen fries


Once the french fries are cooked, add them to a bowl or a plate. Something big enough to hold all the ingredients.

Place the fries on a bowl


Top the french fries with the chopped carne asada.

Add carne asada


The toppings for carne asada fries vary on taste and personal preferences.

Add your favorite toppings


If you don't serve it right away, the fries will get soggy with the toppings. Tell me this doesn't look good! Yum! Delicious!

Serve right away and enjoy!

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