Black Bean Chile Rellenos



Brush oil all over the poblano peppers. Also spread oil on a grill pan, or over an open flame, and blister the skin on all sides.

Roast poblano peppers


Cover the roasted poblano peppers with plastic wrap and let rest. Remove the charred skin using a knife or spoon, then slice one side and remove the seeds and veins.

Peel the peppers


Sauté the onion for 1 minute, then add the tomato, jalapeño, and garlic. Salt and pepper are to taste.

Add onion, tomato, garlic and jalapeño


Once the tomato sauce is thick, add the S&W Black Beans

Add Black beans


Add a generous amount of the filling to all the peppers. Add cheese and place under the broiler until golden brown.

Add filling to the peppers


Drizzle with crema mexicana, and they’re ready to enjoy.

Serve this delicacy!

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