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Piloncillo is raw, pure sugar cane. It is unprocessed, brown, and cone-shaped. It is used in many Mexican recipes as a sweetener or as a spice.

What is piloncillo?

Piloncillo is made by boiling cane sugar juice. It is then poured into cone-shaped molds where it hardens and cools. That’s how it gets in cone shape. No molasses in it. No additives either.

How is it made?

Sugar can attract ants and other unwanted bugs. Store it in an airtight, vacuum-sealed package for up to a year. Choose a dry area that is cool and dark.

How to store it

You can substitute 1 cup of dark brown sugar + 1 tablespoon molasses for 1 8-ounce cone.


There are a number of tasty desserts that use piloncillo like capirotada, champurrado, cafe de la olla, camotes enmielados. It can also be used for savory dishes like Piloncillo Chipotle Ham.

How to use it

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