What is Mexican Oregano?

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What is it?

Mexican oregano is a whole different type than Mediterranean oregano. Oregano has been used in both cooking and medicine for many thousands of years. Not only does it add flavor to dishes, but it is reported to have numerous health benefits as well.


You can substitute Mexican oregano with Regular oregano. Most Mexican food cooks substitute it all the time without realizing it. However, ideally, this Mexican herb is the one that complements a dish and elevates its flavor.

Where can I purchase it?

If you are fortunate enough to have local Hispanic food markets, you’re bound to find the dried version there. Gourmet shops are also likely to carry it in their spice aisle.

If in your search for Mexican culinary treasure you don't find it and the weather is bad, you can always buy it online (AFFILIATED).

Dried Oregano

Recipes using Mexican Oregano

Pozole Blanco is all about the toppings, and one of the must-have ingredients is Mexican Oregano. Just crush some of it in your hand and add it to your soup for a little zesty goodness.

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