What is Masa Harina?

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What is it?

Masa Harina translated means “dough flour.” It’s used in Mexican cuisine to make Corn Tortillas, Gorditas, and other yummy dishes. The dried corn goes through a process called Nixtamalization and becomes the flour we know to make all those delicious recipes.


This magic corn dough flour comes in a variety of colors. You will find it as white, yellow, and blue. White corn makes white masa harina. Yellow corn is used to create yellow masa harina. And, of course, blue corn makes blue masa harina.


Maseca is probably the most common brand found for sale. It’s the brand that most Mexicans use. But if you don’t live near a Mexican community or Latin grocery store, you can also buy Bob’s Red Mill online. (AFFILIATE)

Cornmeal vs. Masa Harina

Is masa harina the same as cornmeal? No. Cornmeal is great for baking, but it will not make good tortillas. In fact, the tortillas will fall apart.

Recipes with Masa Harina

A bite out of one of these Beef Tamales will make your tastebuds sing. They are such a treat especially on special occasions.

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