Vegetable Tamales


DShortening Masa harina (for tamales) Salt Baking powder Water (or vegetable broth) Canned peas drained Canned carrots drained Canned corn kernels drained Potatoes (diced and cooked) Corn husks

Make the masa


Make the masa and set it aside until ready to use. Soak the corn husks in warm water until pliable.

Spread the masa


Spread a thin layer of masa on the corn husk and be sure to avoid the corner top area. You don’t want to add too much masa, or they will not cook properly.

Add the filling


Add the filling to the center of the masa. Use your best judgement as to how to add.

Fold the corn husk


Bring in the sides of the corn husks, then fold over the pointy top to the center of it. While you are assembling, be sure to stand them upright.

Place in the steamer and cook


Add water to the steamer and assemble the uncooked tamales in it. Open-side should face up. Steam for 1 ½ hours.



It does take patience to make this recipe, but once you bite, you’ll know they are absolutely worth the effort. So so good!

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