Tostada de Atún


Canned una Lime juice Diced tomato Diced jalapeño Chopped cilantro Diced cucumber Onion slices Salt Tostadas Refried beans Avocado slices Queso fresco


Just make sure your Canned Tuna is in water and drained well. This recipe is wet enough, you don’t want more liquid than necessary.

Drain the Canned Tuna


You will need a lot of lime juice. I tend to use key limes because that’s mostly what we use in Mexico.

Squeeze the lime juice


Put all the ingredients in a container and mix well. I added pickled onions.

Put everything in a container


Make enough for the next day. In my humble opinion, it tastes even better the next day and once it’s had time to absorb all the flavors.

Mix everything


Personally, I like to add a thin layer of refried beans as the base, it serves as a bed for all the ingredients to sit. Add tuna mixture, avocado slices and queso fresco on top.

Assemble your tostadas


I highly suggest serving immediately after assembling the Tostada de Atún. The tuna mixture is wet and will make the tostada limp and soggy.


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