Taqueria-Style Salsa Serrano


Serrano peppers Oil Onion Garlic clove Water Limes Salt Cilantro


Cut off the stems, then remove the seeds and the veins. By doing this, you’ll bring down some of the heat.

Remove the veins and seeds


Heat the oil in a skillet. Add the serranos, onion, and garlic and cook. Let them cool slightly before adding them to the blender.

Cook the chiles and onion


Place the cooked Serrano chiles, onion and garlic with chopped cilantro in a blender.

Place everything in a blender


Add salt and lime juice to the Salsa ingredients.

Add salt and lime juice


Add water, also add any remaining oil from the skillet and cover the blender before blending.

Add water


Blend all the ingredients until smooth and taste for salt. Add more salt if needed.

Blend until smooth


No cream or dairy products are used to make the salsa cremosa (or creamy). The oil is what gives it this creamy texture, enjoy!

Creamy and delicious!

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