Tamales Dulces


Corn husks Water Shortening Masa Harina or corn flour Sugar Baking powder Ground cinnamon Diced pineapple Pineapple juice Water for masa Raisins Peanuts Shredded coconut

Whip the shortening


Start by whipping the shortening. You can also do this by hand or with a hand mixer. Just so long as you whip it.

Add the masa harina


Once it’s nice and fluffy, add the masa harina (or corn flour) little by little. You want the masa and the shortening to be fully incorporated.

Add the pineapple juice


Add the baking powder, the sugar, and slowly, add the pineapple juice. Again, we want to fully incorporate the liquid into the masa mixture andyou don’t want it to splash everywhere.

Add the remaining ingredients


Add the cinnamon, raisins, diced pineapple, peanuts, and shredded coconut. From here, mix it well. I do this by hand. I do not stick it back under the mixer.

Assemble the tamales


Apply some of the masa mixture to the inside of the corn husk. Remember to hydrate the corn husks before applying the masa.

Fold the corn husks


Bring in the sides of the corn husks, then fold over the pointy top to the center of it. While you are assembling, be sure to stand them upright.

Cook the tamales


Add hot water to the steamer and place the tamales inside. Steam them  upright. You want the open side to be up. This will take about 1 ½  hours. Check the water after 1 hour. If it needs more, add more water.



When the masa pulls away from the corn husk easily, that’s when they are ready. Serve with a big cup of champurrado or with a huge stack of buñuelos.

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