Tamales de Rajas con Queso


Corn husks separated and rinsed Water Lard (or shortening) Masa harina Salt Baking powder Hot water (or chicken broth) Poblano peppers Monterey Jack Cheese

Make the masa


If this is your first time making tamales, buy the masa already prepared. Taste it, masa has a unique taste. Once you know what to aim for, then try making homemade masa for tamales.

Soak the corn husks


Open the bag of corn husks and separate them. Remove any hairs. Soak corn husks in hot water, overnight is best.

Make the rajas


Roast the poblano peppers, cover them and let them rest. Remove the charred skin, cut off the stem and remove the seeds from inside before cutting into thin strips.

Set up working stations


Slice the cheese. Drain and shake off any excess water from the corn husks, then set up a working station with the corn husks, masa (corn dough), and filling.

Assemble the tamales


Apply a thin layer of masa. Add a slice of roasted poblano pepper, a slice of cheese. Fold the corn husks sides, fold the corner top to the center and set aside.

Place in a bowl


Place already assembled tamales standing upward, with the open-side up in a large bowl.

Cook in a steamer


Steam for 1 hour 1/2 to 2 hours on medium low to medium heat. When the tamal pulls away easily from the corn husk, your tamales are ready.

Serve and enjoy!


You’re going to love these tamales, be sure to save some for Día de la Candelaria. Serve with molcajete salsa and sour cream.

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