Tamales de Cajeta


Shortening Sugar Baking powder Ground Cinnamon Masa harina Cajeta Milk Chopped pecans

Add the masa harina


Start by creaming the shortening and sugar. Add the baking powder and cinnamon. Then, add the masa harina in stages.

Scrape down the sides


Be sure to scrape down the sides, or the shortening will not fully cream.

Add milk and cajeta


Add and mix well the milk and cajeta.

I used homemade cajeta, but you can also get it on Amazon (Affiliate).  The most popular brand in Mexico is Cajeta Coronado.


Add the chopped pecans


Add the chopped pecans. Mix on low or fold by hand with a spatula. The nuts add texture to the tamales de cajeta.

Mix everything


Once everything is mixed well. Set this aside and make sure to keep this cool or refrigerated.

Prepare the corn husks


Separate the corn husks and remove any hair. Add hot water and place in the corn husks until they become pliable. About 30 minutes in hot water.



Shake off any excess water and add a large tablespoon to the center of the corn husk. Fold one side over, the other side in, and finally, take the pointy top and fold it in. Place the tamales open-side up.

Cook the tamales


Add water and tamales to a large steamer. Steam for 1 ½ – 2 hours. Tamales are ready when the tamal peels away from the corn husks easily.



Tamales are often eaten with a big cup of Champurrado or Atole de Chocolate.

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