Shrimp Poblano Quesadillas


Poblano pepper Olive oil Shrimp Water Salt Tortillas Monterey Jack cheese


These are large shrimp. They are deveined and raw. They sell shrimp already cooked, but it is best to use fresh seafood, cook it, then add to the quesadilla.

Clean and devein shrimp


If shrimp are frozen, thaw them. Add water to a stock pot, add shrimp and salt and cook until pink. Drain and let cool.

Cook the shrimp


Roast the poblano peppers, remove the skin,  cut open and remove seeds and veins. Dice and set aside.

Roast the poblano peppers


Lay a flour tortilla on a griddle, add the cooked shrimp, add the diced and roasted poblano pepper. Lastly, add cheese.

Assemble the quesadillas


Fold the tortilla and cook for a few minutes on each side until the cheese is melted.

Cook the quesadilla


To make this a complete meal, you can serve Arroz Blanco (Mexican white rice), fried beans, and a salad, or serve with a good salsa.


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