Refried Beans


Olive oil Garlic Onion Pinto beans Bean broth Ground cumin Chicken bouillon cube Queso Fresco Jalapeño slices


Remove any debris from the dried beans and wash them thoroughly. In general, Mexicans cook from scratch.

Remove any debris


You can always buy a can of pinto beans. Canned beans are a huge time-saver.

Cook the pinto beans


Cook the onion in oil until translucent. Add the beans along with some bean broth (or the juice from the cooked beans). Using a potato masher, mash until they are soft, almost like a puree.

Mash the beans


You can top your refried beans with Queso Fresco or jalapeño slices, it depends on your taste.

Add some toppings


We eat refried beans as a side dish or a light meal with some tortillas. I like to add fresh or pickled jalapeños for a little kick.

Ready to enjoy!

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