Poblano Pepper

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See picture below: I’ve put together some commonly used Mexican chile peppers from mildest (poblano pepper) to hottest (habanero).

How hot is it?

On the grill, cook for several minutes until the skin is completely black. Turn and blister the skin of the other side. On the stove, with tongs, carefully blister all sides of the poblano pepper. It will start to crackle and pop.

How to roast it?

Place in a plastic bag or under plastic wrap for 5-10 minutes. With the back of your spoon or knife, scrape off the burned skin. It should fall off easily. You might not be able to get all the skin off. That’s ok!

Peel after charring

You might also hear people call this pepper “Pasilla.” But Pasilla is a dried chile. It’s the dried form of a chilaca pepper. A Poblano Pepper is a fresh chile. When it is dried, it is called ancho chile.

Poblano vs. Pasilla

This is a very popular pepper, but if you have a hard time finding poblano peppers, try using Anaheim Chile Peppers, but they are spicier. Or you can use Jalapeño pepper, if you can handle the heat.


If you’ve never used Poblano peppers before, give them a try! They are a key component to many authentic Mexican recipes.

Recipes with Poblano

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