Pepinos Locos



Peel the skin of the cucumber and discard the skin. Look for crisp cucumbers, that are firm. Old ones will fall apart easily.

Peel the cucumber


Remove the ends and slice them into three large pieces. Remove the fleshy seeds creating a “cup” and discard the fleshy interior.

Make the cucumber "cups"


Do not go all the way through when making the fresh cucumber cups. Leave about half an inch on the bottom.

Be careful with the bottom


Dip the rim of the cucumber cup in chamoy salsa, then dip the cup in the Tajin.

Cover with chamoy and Tajin


Fill the cups with layers of jicama, Japanese style peanuts, a squeeze of lime, and hot sauce. Repeat until the cup is full.

Fill the cucumber cups


You can add corn chips to a plate and any ingredients that didn’t make it inside the cups. Let your imagination run wild when making your pepinos locos.

Be creative!

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