Oreo Ice Cream


Oreo cookies (crush, plus more for decorating) Heavy whipping cream Vanilla Sweetened condensed milk


Place Oreo cookies in a plastic bag.  If Oreos aren’t your thing, substitute with your favorite cookies.

Place the cookies in a bag


Using a rolling pin, crush them into small pieces.

Crush the cookies


Add cold heavy cream, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk to a large bowl. Use an electric mixer to beat the milk mixture until stiff peaks form. Gently fold in the crushed cookies into the mixture.

Make the ice cream mixture


Scoop the ice cream mixture into a loaf pan and sprinkle more Oreo cookie pieces on top. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for at least six hours. Overnight is best for the creamiest texture.

Place the mixture in a loaf pan


Let the ice cream soften slightly at room temperature, before scooping and serving.

Let the ice cream soften


Serve with whipped cream, hot fudge sauce, or caramel sauce on top for added flair, or try pairing it with a warm brownie for an extra decadent treat!

Serve and enjoy!

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