Molcajete Salsa Verde


Olive Oil Tomatillos Diced onion Jalapeños Garlic Cilantro chopped Salt

You can buy a molcajete at just about any Mexican grocery store, or buy one online (Affiliate).  They come in different shapes and sizes. You'll need it to make this recipe.



These green tomatoes are tart. Remove the husks and rinse well. There is usually dust underneath the husk.

Prepare everything


These are two seeded and deveined jalapeños. By removing the seeds and the veins, you'll get a not so spicy salsa.

Remove the seeds and veins


Add oil to them. You can use spray oil as well, but I am using the stuff in a bottle to coat them well.

Place the ingredients on a sheet pan


Once the oil is on the ingredients, the salt will stick better to the ingredients. Place the ingredients in the oven under the broiler until the skin on the tomatillos are black.

Add salt


The first thing that goes in the molcajete is salt and garlic. Mash that first before adding any other ingredients.

Mash the garlic with salt


Next, mash well the roasted jalapeños. Take your time in doing this.

Mash the jalapeños


You have to go slow, mash slowly. Add one tomatillo at a time, or it will squirt and go everywhere.

Mash the tomatillos


I roasted the diced onions. You can add raw onions instead.

Add the onions


Lastly, add lots of chopped cilantro. I mix it, but in some restaurants from Mexico serve it with the cilantro piled on top.

Add chopped cilantro


Molcajete Salsa Verde makes a great addition to chicken, fish, beef, or just as is. With chips, there’s nothing better than a big bowl of salsa.

Hope you enjoy!

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