Mexican pickled carrots


Carrots Jalapeños sliced Onion sliced Garlic cloves Olive oil White distilled vinegar Water Bay leaves Dried oregano Salt Black peppercorn


Heat the oil, add the sliced carrots and stir, ensuring they’re sautéed well. Next, add the jalapeños, white onions, and garlic cloves. Then, add the vinegar, water, bay leaves, Mexican oregano (or regular oregano), salt, and peppercorns. Let the spicy carrots simmer without the lid.

Cook the carrots


Once cooked, allow the carrots to reach room temperature. Transfer them as well as the pickling liquid to clean, sterile glass jars, ensuring the rim of the jars is clean and devoid of any mixture residue.

Pack the carrots


You can serve them with Carne Asada Street Tacos, Torta de Jamón, Tacos al Pastor or any food to which you want to add flavor.


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