Bread Lettuce Potato Chorizo Chile guajillo Onion Garlic Water Salt Oil Mexican Salsa Crema Mexicana

Boil the potato


Dice the potato into small pieces, boil it and drain. Set aside until ready to use.

Prepare the filling


Cook the chorizo, drain excess fat and add the boiled potatoes. With a potato masher, start mashing until smooth.

Prepare the sauce


Add the reconstituted guajillo chile in a blender along with all the sauce ingredients and blend everything until smooth.

Dunk the bread in the sauce


Cut in half the bread and dunk in the guajillo sauce. Don’t dip the inside of the bread.

Fry the bread


Fry both sides of the bread, sauce-side down. Do not fry the inside of the bread, it should still be white.

Assemble the Pambazo


Spread the filling on one of the bread halves and top with the lettuce, and crema mexicana. Put the top of the bread back on, and dig in!

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