Mexican Desserts

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This Mexican custard is a seriously indulgent and ultra creamy dessert. It is famous for its blackened tops and will steal the show at any meal.


Mexican milk fudge is smooth, creamy, and so darn addictive. And it's easier to make than you think. Promise!


Mexican cheesecake is a decadent and rich dessert that will make you beg for more. Top with your favorite fruit, whipped cream, or just as is.

Pay de Queso

These treats are ultra rich and creamy. With a graham cracker crust and Mexican eggnog whipped cream on top, this recipe is perfect for the holidays.

Rompope Cheesecake Bites

These are extra soft cookies coated with cinnamon and sugar. Mexican delights with a taste of warm spice, they are the ultimate in winter baking.

Pan de Polvo

TIt is a classic Mexican candy made of ground peanuts and powdered sugar. This sweet and crumbly treat is a favorite amongst kids of all ages.

Homemade Mazapan

Sweet griddle cakes are made with sugar and cinnamon. These golden beauties are light, soft, and impossible to resist. Enjoy with a cup of coffee!

Gorditas de Azúcar

Made with butter and pecans, then rolled in powdered sugar. They look like miniature snowballs and perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

In my blog, you will find these and more recipes for the best Mexican Desserts. So delightful and easy to make.                    👇👇👇👇👇

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