Huevos ahogados


Eggs Guajillo chiles Onion Garlic  Salt Olive oil Water

Remove stems and seeds


Toast the chiles on a griddle for the most flavor, and remove the stems and the seeds.

Rehydrate the chiles


Add the guajillo chile into hot water and let rest for 10 minutes, or until chile is soft.

Make the guajillo sauce


In a blender, add the chiles, water, garlic clove, onion, and salt. Blend until smooth.

Pour the guajillo sauce in a pan


Heat oil in a large pan and carefully add the guajillo sauce. Stir for 5 minutes.

Add the eggs


Lower the heat and gently add each egg to the pan. Cover and bring to a gentle simmer.

They are ready to serve!


Gently scoop up each egg individually and place it on a plate and add more guajillo sauce on top.

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