Mexican Sopes


Masa harina Water Salt (optional)

Make the dough


Mix masa harina and water, enough to make a soft dough. Once the dough comes together, knead it slightly. It should look like wet sand

Make the sopes


Start with a ball.  Put the ball in the center of the plastic wrap inside a tortilla press. Press down gently, the masa should still be thick, not thin. Remove from the plastic wrap and fry.

Pinch the edge


Pinch the edges of the sopes while they are warm. Don’t do this while they are hot, or you will burn yourself.

Set them up on a towel


Once they are ready, set them up on a towel. This will make serving a lot easier, you can make the sopes ahead of time.

Add your toppings


Once you have added your meat, top it off with lettuce (or shredded cabbage), tomatoes, cheese, and your favorite salsa. Time to DIG IN!

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