How hot are habanero peppers?

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Check out the picture below. They are ranked from mildest (poblano peppers) to spiciest (habanero peppers). Habaneros Scoville measurement is 20-30 higher than your average jalapeño.

Chile Habanero

If you can’t handle jalapeños, you might not be able to handle habaneros. You will find them next to the jalapeños and the serrano pepper display at the grocery store. However, you can’t interchange habanero for jalapeño in recipes, or vice versa.

Habanero vs Jalapeño

Since Habanero Peppers are blazing hot, you need to be extra careful when handling them. Some people experience a burning sensation just by touching them. I recommend using gloves.

Blazing HOT 

Put on gloves. Hold the pepper with one hand and with the other cut off the stem. With your knife, remove the seeds and the veins and discard them. Cut the habanero pepper lengthwise, making strips. Chop more into finer pieces.

How to dice habanero?

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