Shortening Vanilla Flour Sugar Ground Cinnamon Salt Cinnamon Tea 

Add water and cinnamon


In a small pot, add water and whole cinnamon, and bring to a boil. Then, turn off the heat and let sit until completely cool.

Add sugar and shortening


Add sugar and shortening into a bowl. Mix well to combine, and add vanilla.

Add the cinnamon


Next, add salt and ground cinnamon to the mixer. Add half of the flour in stages, and mix only until everything is incorporated. Don’t over-mix.

Scrap the sides and bottom


A spatula will help you a lot. This will help in making sure everything is completely mixed in.

Add the cinnamon tea


Add the cinnamon tea in stages, use only the amount of tea necessary to bring the dough together.

Roll out and cut the dough


Add flour to a clean surface, and dust the rolling pin with flour too. Roll out, and cut the dough.

Bake the Hojarascas


Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake them.

Sugar coat them


Put them in a cooling rack, once they are cool to the touch, cover them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

Ready to melt in your mouth


Hojarascas are very delicate and soft cookies. They literally melt in your mouth. YUM!

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