Grilled Herb Potatoes


Foil Paper Sprigs thyme Sprigs rosemary Cilantro leaves Butter cubed Garlic Potatoes Salt Water

Peel and dice  the potatoes


Scrub, peel and dice the potatoes. I used regular russet potatoes, but this recipe works well with all varieties.

Add herbs, garlic and butter


In a large dish, add the potatoes, herbs, garlic, and butter. Mix well and season with salt.

Wrap into a foil packet


Take a large piece of foil paper and place the potatoes on top. Wrap them up into a foil packet, leaving a little pocket, add water and finish wrapping the packet.

Add the potato foil packet


Add the potato foil packet. Cover with the grill hood holes open. The potatoes are going to cook longer than the meat.

Add the meat


Adding the meat depends on what kind of protein you are using and what cut. Let the meat rest before slicing.

Buen provecho!


While the meat is resting, carefully remove the Grilled Herb Potatoes from the grill. Take a fork and test one. If the fork goes through the potato easily, they are ready. Enjoy!

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