Esquites con Tuétano


Beef Marrow Bones Epazote sprig Chopped epazote leaves Garlic Onion Water Ground black pepper Beef bouillon Oregano Butter Frozen corn kernels Mayonnaise Lime juice Salt Chile powder Queso Cotija

Cook the beef marrow bones


In a large pot, add the Beef Marrow Bones, epazote sprig, the garlic, onion, pepper, bouillon and oregano with lots and lots of water. Cover and cook.

Sautee the onion


Now, in a separate stock pot. Add the butter and melt it. Add the chopped diced onion, then sautee with the butter.

Add epazote and corn


Add the epazote chopped leaves and the corn. You can omit the epazote if you don't like it.

Ladle in some beef broth


Ladle in some of the beef bone broth from the other pot. Make sure not to make it too soupy. You are looking for a chunky, corn consistency.

Add the beef marrow bones


Next up, add the cooked bone marrow bones. You really want that bone marrow flavor. Let this cook for a few minutes before assembling.

Add the buttered corn


To assemble your Esquites con Tuétano, you need a cup. Start by adding a few tablespoons of corn.

Add mayonnaise


One tablespoon of mayonnaise. If you don’t like it, you can also use crema mexicana or sour cream.

Add lime juice


I love the tanginess that lime juice gives. It also adds freshness. In Mexico, we mainly use key limes.

Add a beef marrow bone


Using a knife or a spoon, push in the bone marrow and out of the bone.

Add chile powder


It wouldn’t be Esquites con Tuétano without chile powder. If you’re into spicy, you can add a spicier chile like chile de arbol powder.

Repeat in layers and enjoy!


Repeat in layers until your cup is full. Some people will add Queso Cotija or Queso Fresco to their Mexican corn cups, but this totally optional.

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