Ensalada de Frutas


Strawberries Grapes Kiwi Cherries (pits removed) Canned peaches Sour cream Sweetened condensed milk Vanilla extract

Chop the fruits


We are using cherries. Remove the pits, if using. Begin by cutting the fruits into small pieces so that they are easier to mix and distribute throughout the salad.

Make the creamy dressing


Whisk the sour cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and the syrup from the can of fruit in a large bowl. Mix everything thoroughly and pour the creamy mixture all over the fruit.

Ready for special ocassions


To make it for a party or special occasion, cover the large mixing bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate. This will allow the flavors to really come together.

Serve and enjoy!


Serve the Ensalada de Frutas in a small serving bowl. Drizzle with more of the sweet creamy dressing, if desired.

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