Doña María Mole paste Chicken broth Mexican chocolate Shredded chicken Corn tortillas Oil Queso fresco Onion

Add mole and chicken broth


To a stock pot, add the mole paste chicken broth. Let it simmer, stirring frequently to “melt” the mole.

Add Mexican chocolate


Once the ingredients have melted and resembled a sauce, add the chocolate. Stir frequently.

Fry the tortillas


Fry your tortillas for 1 minute on each side. This is a shallow fry. We’re not deep-frying these to make them hard.

Drain any excess oil


Dry any excess oil on several paper towels. Do not skip this step, or it will make the Enmoladas oily.

Heat the shredded chicken


Heat up the shredded chicken on the stove or in the microwave.

Make the enchiladas


Add a fried tortilla to the serving plate. Add chicken to the center of the tortilla and roll up to form your enchilada.

Cover with mole sauce


And add your toppings, like queso fresco and onion. So easy, so flavorful. Enjoy!

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