Cheese Empanadas


Queso Oaxaca Pickled Jalapeños Pie Crust softened Egg Water


Preheat oven to 400 degrees and roll out pie dough.

Roll out the pie dough


I used a small bowl to cut out the circles. Be sure to use something with a sharp edge.

Cut the pie dough


Add the Pickled Jalapeños and strips of cheese. Do not overcrowd or add too much filling, or you won’t be able to close the empanada.

Add the cheese


Brush the edges of the dough with an egg wash. It will help bind the dough.

Brush egg on the edges


I use a fork to press the edges together. Go around the edges, making sure it is completely sealed.

Seal the edges


Place all the Empanadas de Queso on a baking sheet. I like to line my baking sheet with foil paper. It just makes for easy cleanup.

Place on baking sheet


To make them golden brown, brush the top of each of the empanadas with egg wash. Place them in the oven at 400 degrees F until golden brown.

Bake the empanadas


You have to let them cool completely before eating. Serve with salsa verde. They make an easy Mexican appetizer at parties.

Ready to enjoy!

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