Chiles Toreados


Oil Serrano peppers Onion Lemon juice Soy sauce Jugo Maggi

Remove the stems


Remove the stems from the chiles and slice up the onions.

Heat the oil in a skillet


Add the chiles. You want the skins of the chiles to blister

Add the sliced onion


Once the skin on the chiles are starting to turn black, add the sliced onion and stir constantly.

Add lemon juice


With the heat off, add lemon (or lime) to the pan and stir. The lemon will add a bit of a tang.

Add Jugo Maggi


Jugo Maggi is essential in this recipe. It gives a lot of flavor to the chiles and dishes prepared with it.

There you have it!


Chiles Toreados add a delicious kick to Mexican dishes and are super quick to make.

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