Pickled Jalapeños


Jalapeños Carrots Onion Garlic Olive oil Water White distilled vinegar Bay Leaves Oregano Peppercorn or Ground pepper Cloves Sugar Salt


You’re going to need a lot of fresh jalapeños. I used 1 lb.

You'll need fresh jalapeños


If you cut them sideways, like in the picture above, you can’t take out as many seeds.

Slice the jalapeños


You can slice them lengthwise, which is referred to in Spanish as “rajas.”

Slice the jalapeños


You can slice them into thin strips as well. This really depends on you and your personal taste.

Slice the carrots


You can cut them however you like. If you are not an onion person, it’s ok to leave them out.

Quarter the onion


Start by heating oil in a large stockpot. Pull out the large stockpot you have. This recipe makes two large containers or 4 small containers.

Heat the oil


Add the carrots, jalapeños, onions, garlic and stir occasionally, making sure they don’t burn. Cook everything.

Add everything in the pot


Add the vinegar, oregano, the bay leaves, cloves, and peppercorn or ground pepper.

Add the vinegar


Add the sugar and the salt. Pink salt or sea salt preferred.

Add sugar and salt


Cover with a lid. Bring it all up to boil until the carrots are fork tender.

Cover with a lid


Fill your container and store up to a week. However, it’s best to store Pickled Jalapeños in the fridge.

Ready to enjoy!

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